Huge library of wireframe layouts


Contents 62Icons?27Call To Actions?13Counters?20Quotes?12Headers?34


Pricing Tables 7Forms 15Maps?8Team Members?7Special?4Footers?10

How it works?

'Wireframes' is not just a new additional plugin. It presents an alternate workflow that can be useful for beginners, as well as for professional designers who create websites for their clients.

1. Choose your sections

Choose what you need quickly by using quick navigation among 410 wireframes that we've divided into 18 categories.

2. Customise your contents

Combine wireframes to create your favorite layout and add your materials. Then customize to make it fit your website.

Design better & spend less time

Make your design workflow faster

No matter what project you're working on, we've got you covered with the best layouts for any design need. Design better and spend less time without restricting creative freedom.

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